Monday, March 28, 2011

Chad Extended Remix?

The rumors have been floating around for a few hours, but MLBTR finally picked it up, so here it is:

The Dodgers have agreed to a three-year extension with Chad Billingsley that will pay the right-hander over $30MM, according to Joe McDonnell of (Twitter link). Tony Jackson of ESPNLosAngeles reports that the deal would cover the 2012-14 seasons and could include a 2015 option.

Billingsley will earn $6.275MM in 2011, his second of three seasons as an arbitration eligible player. The deal would buy out the 26-year-old's final year of arbitration eligibility and his first two free agent seasons.

Bills joins Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton as Dodgers signed to arbitration-avoiding multi-year deals. I have three immediate thoughts here:

  • Where's Clayton Kershaw's multi-year deal?
  • Remember when we were holding our breath for a multi-year deal for Russell Martin?
  • Billingsley is a Dave Stewart client; glad to see Stewart doesn't let clubhouse politics get in the way of getting business done for his clients.

UPDATE: From @dylanohernandez:

Source: Billingsley's three-year deal with the #Dodgers worth $35-36 million, including buyout of option for fourth year.


Kyle Baker said...

Where does the line form to give props to McCourt for putting the money out on this young(ish) core group of players. We all know Ketshaw will get his when the time comes. Hard to criticize Frank and Ned for their moves to lock these guys up.

Kyle Baker said...

That's so cool! I am really looking forward to a SoSG website maximize for mobile browsing and posting. Great idea long overdue. You guys rock!

Oh, wait. Scratch that. Was just practicing posting for when that day finally arrives.


Kyle Baker said...

Instant poll:

What should my Opening Day avatar be this season?

Something poignant like a favorite picture from the Yard
Something snarky and/or humorous
1977 Topps Dusty Baker
Richie Rich

Fred's Brim said...

boobs are cool and all, but my vote is for Richie Rich!

Orel said...

Something with bunting, Dusty.

Kyle Baker said...


Like boobs with bunting?

Orel said...

Isn't that how Casey Blake hurt himself?