Monday, March 21, 2011

Delino's DIRECTV Deduction: A Tale of Victory

Let's say you have baseball allegiances that go beyond Southern Cal. And leaves you cold. Then DirecTV's Extra Innings service is for you.

But Mr. DeShields, don't they charge an arm and a nad (beyond their regular leg-and-other-nad fees)??? Not if you follow my lead.

For I just completed my annual "I'm canceling Extra Innings" call. Which once again resulted in cutting about 60% off the price tag. Just follow my script, and you can't lose.

"Hi, I see in my bill that you re-signed me for MLB Extra Innings without my approval.


I think I'm going to have to cancel then. The regular service has gotten so expensive, and I really can't swing the additional charges.


Ten dollars off per month? That's very generous of you. But still a little steep.


Ten dollars off my regular service too?

Extra Innings price tag before my call - $200.

After my call - $84!

Winner, winner SHEEN DINNER!

Go and do likewise, my friends.


Paul said...

I'm gonna try this tomorrow. I will try it while also pretending to be a Russian Lawyer about to file a class action.

Steve Sax said...

that's pretty sweeeeeet Delino

Steve Sax said...

@Delino: btw we're going drinking with the extra $112 you've "saved"!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Already used it for HALL AND OATES TICKETS!!! I'm a rich girl, and I'm going too far.

Steve Sax said...

but you know it don't matter anyway.

(Except when we're passing the hat for SoSG Fest 2011, that is.)

Steve Sax said...

"Hi, I'm wearing big sunglasses and a DirecTV trashbag!"

Fred's Brim said...

@Delino, will you be donating the extra money to the Wilpons to help save the Mets?

Fernie V said...

Is that Kim K. on the left I don't recognize her from that angle.

connan said...

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