Friday, March 25, 2011

And You Thought The Dodgers' Promotional Schedule Was Uninspired

Sure, the Dodgers abandoned the peg-warming action figure idea from 2010. But the Mariners are actually giving away stadium-based compost this year to fans. Via Big League Stew:

If you think about it, most ballpark giveaways aren't very eco-friendly. Cheap caps, thin T-shirt and flimsy seat cushions are inevitably thrust to the back of a closet and then they find a landfill a few years later. Not exactly a good use of resources.

The Seattle Mariners are trying to change that process this year, however, with an unusual series of "compost night" giveaways that will end up helping the environment.

Yes, instead of getting the usual Ichiro bobblehead for their desks at work, Mariners fans will head home with bags of soil matter and fertilizer that will hopefully grow their gardens at home (and not, say, end up on the field as a form of protest during another 100-loss season by the Mariners).

Even better, the compost will be made up of garbage that fans left behind during previous games at Safeco Field.

So let me think about this. The Dodgers have all those flush-free urinals on the field level now...

...don't even think about it, Drew McCourt.