Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching Up On Sports Illustrated: Posnanski Does The Royals

It defeats the purpose to be reading the NCAA Tournament Preview issue of Sports Illustrated on the Sunday evening after the first 48 (real) games have been played. But there are advantages (besides having been able to spend this rainy weekend hanging out with my family, constructing forts and building fires in the living place fireplace and sharing In 'N' Out burgers together).

For one thing, it affords me the privilege of laughing that SI only picked 9 of the Sweet 16 teams correctly. Man, that's pretty pathetic, for a magazine of its caliber and knowledge base.

But for another thing, it allowed me to take a good read at the best article in the issue, which suprisingly, wasn't even about college basketball.

I know that SoSG Orel is a big fan of Joe Posnanski's, and forgive me if I'm calling out an old link. But I recommend you take the time this morning to read JoePo's take on the Royals' farm system. Sure, the article's main device may be not be entirely original. But it's still a great read for any baseball fan--especially one who thinks a farm system is a worthwhile investment.

The Dodgers used to have a world-class farm system once. Sigh.


Eric Karros said...

I get really annoyed when they try to call the round after the 4 play-in games the "2nd Round."

Yeah, ok. Hampton got annihilated by 42 points, but at least they made it to the 2nd round!

To me college basketball has officially jumped the shark with the 68 teams and the 1-and-done players.

Fernie V said...

I agree EK, I thought I slept through a round.

Fernie V said...

Stevo, I don't think we will ever see prospects like Jerry Sands playing for the Dodgers. The giants never have young prospects other then pitching.