Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not a Comment Time Post

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Results from Round 2 1st half:

Junkanoo Regional

  • Greg leads Paul by 4:35
  • Dusto Magnifico leads Spank by 1:39

Mauby Fizzz Regional

  • FB leads Pistol PR by ??
  • Erin leads Mr F by 0:22

Skinka Regional

  • Steve K leads Jason by 0:18
  • Neeebs leads Keven C by 3:31

Slow Cow Regional

  • Dr Geek leads Loney Fan by 1:08
  • QuadSevens leads C Valley Fan by 0:18

Any mistakes please let me know, otherwise, play on...


Erin said...

I think I'm only ahead by 22.


Greg Hao said...

erin is all over the place!

Eric Karros said...

Thanks Erin, correction made.

And Keven C has checked in, so the pressure is back on Neeebs.

Loney Fan said...

Yes, I commented at 5:16 and somehow it must have been deleted, er... something like that.

Fred's Brim said...

Skinka is made with 100% skink juice!

Pride of Dong said...

I would love to see a #7 seed with a 14 hour deficit catch up and win

Steve K said...

Doesn't the clock stop from 10-8?

That would change the deficits of both Paul and Keven C. I'm sure Keven would like to see his deficit cut from 14 hours to a mere 3 1/2! (Sorry Neeebs and Greg.)

Eric Karros said...

Ah yes, you are correct Steve K! Thanks...I'm forgetting my own rules.

LF, was your comment really deleted?