Friday, March 25, 2011

At Least James Loney Has A Warm (and Cozy) Sense Of Humor

Here's the link to a video of James Loney "modeling" a Dodgers sleeved blanket.

It's a SNUGGIE for Pete's sake! How can Loney keep a straight face?

SoSG Sax is planning on attending this game (giveaway is Sunday April 3). I can't wait.

Look for the Dodgers sleeved blanket up on ebay Monday April 4. And pay no attention to the mustard stains.


Nancy Bea said...

With that straight face he could definitely be a model if baseball doesn't work out for him.

Loney Fan said...

Must. Attend. April. 3rd. Game.

Jason said...

Loney truly is very left handed.

Josh S. said...

Just bought tickets to this. It will most likely be my first game of the season.

karina said...

@Nancy Bea he might become a model as well, some sources think of him as useless because he doesn't have much pop.