Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guess The Context: Rib, Eye, Special

The Dodgers are falling this spring about as fast as we can post about it, to the point that we may want to put a conveyor belt straight to Stan Conte's door. And though when most of us hear the phrase "Rib Eye Special", we think of a mouth-watering deal at Morton's Steakhouse--in the Dodgers' case, it refers to three new ailments from three aging Dodgers:

Three of the Dodgers' 30-something veterans -- Jay Gibbons, Casey Blake and Juan Uribe -- were topics for manager Don Mattingly in Monday's medical update.

Gibbons, experiencing continuing left eye problems after offseason laser surgery, will miss several games while undergoing "extended tests," Mattingly said. Gibbons was able to participate in pregame workouts.

Mattingly added that 37-year-old third baseman Blake had an MRI scheduled Monday to define the extent of his rib cage injury, which originally was described as back spasms. Results of the test were not expected to be discussed until Tuesday.

And second baseman Uribe left Sunday's game in Las Vegas after two at-bats as a precautionary measure after reporting "tightness" on Saturday. Uribe also participated in pregame workouts on Monday and is expected to play on Tuesday, Mattingly said. [...]

Mattingly said that Uribe had "tightness," without specifying where, in explaining why he played only four innings on Sunday in Las Vegas. He said Uribe was expected to return to the lineup on Tuesday, but would probably play fewer than the seven innings he hoped to get from his other position players.

We still have two and a half weeks of spring training left. Can we afford to play any games, at this point, without wrapping the remaining players in bubble wrap first?


Alex Cora said...

Tightness.. of Uribe's waistband...Rim shot!

karina said...


I just wanted to say with all these injuries, the Dodgers are on mid-season form.

karina said...


Fernie V said...

Sounds like a case of age kicking in at this point. As far as the eye surgery, looks like the Mitchell police may have paid a little visit to his eye doctor.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

We're in for a long season.