Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sax's Bracket Part 2: I'm Still Standing

From my 99.8th percentile start (after 8 games*), I was rolling along. And now, after 48 games, I'm still holding on to an A- grade in the class (91.0th percentile):

440 points is good enough for third place among this motley crew, with Josh "Chocolate" Schippe and Gabriel Bustos "Move" in the lead (and tied with "Young" MC). Unlike Mr. Customer, however, my champion is still alive...

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(*) I am not counting those silly four play-in games, despite the NCAA's attempt to brand the first weekend as the "second and third round". Please.


Eric Karros said...

Richmond has got to feel good about making it to the 37th round of the Tourney!

A 29-7 record through the first 36 rounds - not too shabby for a 12 seed.

Nostradamus said...

Yeah, My bracket is in for a BIG crash after this round. I need both Arizona and the Atzecs to win just to save respectability.

Steve Sax said...

@Mr C: if the LAT's coverage was indicative of those two teams' chances, you'd be set. Honestly, I don't think the LAT knows there are 14 other teams still alive in the Tourney.