Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not a Comment Time Post!

Merely a results post. The comment-time post will be coming in the next day or two.

Here are the 1st half results:

Junkanoo Regional

  • Paul leads Fernie V by 6:09
  • Spank leads Nicholas by 0:16
  • Greg Finley leads Dusto Mag by 0:11

Mauby Fizzz Regional

  • Fred's Brim leads Karina by 6:37
  • Mr F leads w.d.d.i.m. by 0:20
  • Erin leads MLASC by 0:13

Skinka Regional

  • P Ditty leads Steve K by 0:21
  • el montanero leads Neeebs by 0:18
  • Keven C leads Mr C by 0:19

Slow Cow Regional

  • Dr Geek leads rbnlaw by 0:11
  • C Valley Fan leads Josh by 1:02
  • QuadSevens leads Small SS by ?

Let me know of any mistakes, otherwise be prepared for the 2nd half...


Fred's Brim said...


asmuch as I have a healthy lead on Karina, I don't think I will be able to hold it in the second half based on my schedule for the next couple of days.

karina said...

@Fred's Brim that's why you had such a healthy lead on me,crazy schedule!

Fred's Brim said...

:) I am rooting for you the rest of the way, Karina!

Kyle Baker said...

I can't tell you how less stressed I am this year given that I'm not in this tournament. I needed therapy after last year.

Pride of Dong said...

My phone reminds me to refresh ever 10 minutes, I'm in it to win it!

spank said...

Today does not bode well for me. Nicky Boy may a have a gynormous lead on me by the end of the day if this shit does not start soon,like now!

Fernie V said...

Damn if ESPN commentators were analyzing our bracket I would be UAB. Freakin Doug Gotlepuss would be ripping me.

Coach post game comments, "We didn't show up today, no really we didn't show up today. There was an accident on the 10 and it was a little distracting."

Steve K said...

I thought my opponent didn't show up!

Little did I know that P Ditty was the good professor. I've got 21 minutes to make up...

Pride of Dong said...

This is getting pretty stressful, I was on the john and my phone was on the charger, I started freaking out!

Josh S. said...

From the finals to (almost assuredly) bounced in the first round in one year.

Kyle Baker said...


Last year, in latter rounds, Josh and I were taking our phones into the bathroom (not together), refreshing constantly...obsession. It was a sickness.