Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chad Dealingsley is Official; Quotes Fly

From "Dodgers, Billingsley agree on extension" by Ken Gurnick at Dodgers.com:

The Dodgers and right-hander Chad Billingsley have reached a preliminary agreement on a three-year contract extension, with an option on a fourth year, worth approximately $35 million, according to a baseball source.

The deal would lock up Billingsley for two years after he would be eligible for free agency. He is earning $6.275 million this year.

"This is the organization I came up with and the one I'd like to be with," said Billingsley, who had no other comment before the Dodgers faced the Angels on Monday night.

Ned Colletti offered up a similarly non-sizzling quote in a Dodgers press release:

"Through his professional career Chad has shown that he is very capable of winning games and taking the ball," said Colletti. "His won-loss record speaks to that as well as his innings pitched totals."

"Chad places his recyclables in the correct blue bins and has not injured any infants, as far as I know," Colletti continued. "He is a true human being."

Asked for comment, Billingsley said, "My feelings on the Dodger organization."

UPDATE: From @dylanohernandez:

Billingsley's deal includes a limited no-trade clause. Can block trades to 10 teams.


Fred's Brim said...

"Mr. Billingsley cannot be traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, Florida Marlins, New Jersey Nets, Vancouver Grizzlies, Chicago Black Sox, New York Knights, Quebec Nordiques, Pittsburgh Pythons, Wigan Athletic or the goddamn, motherfucking Gnats."