Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Lunch Link Bonanza

Some of these are a couple of days old, but here's some fun reading for your lunchtime:

  • The case against Barry Bonds will include testimony from Giants staff and Nike that Bonds' head and feet both grew to disproportionately large sizes during the latter parts of his career. What a surprise:

    The filings Monday include nine photographs of Bonds throughout his career, first as an Arizona State Sun Devil, then a Pittsburgh Pirate and finally a San Francisco Giant. Murphy, who started as a 16-year-old batboy with the Giants and been on the team's payroll for 53 years, also will be asked about Bonds' apparent growth in those photographs, according to the court filing Monday.

    "The clubhouse manager for the San Francisco Giants will testify as to the increase in the defendant's hat size," federal prosecutor Jeff Nedrow states in the court filing.

    The Nike employee is expected to tell the jury that Bonds' shoe size grew. Prosecutors argue that head and feet growth are a side effect of steroid use.

    The good news is, Bonds' head and feet may have grown, but his testicles have shrunk. So it's a wash.

  • Joe Aiello at thinks MLB is on the comeback trail, given the NFL and NBA have labor issues, and MLB's new media platforms are the best. Never mind that "The 2010 MLB season, on the other hand, saw an overall decline in attendance compared to 2009. It was the lowest season of attendance since 2004." There's no place to go but up, I suppose!

  • Giants president and limited partner Larry Baer loves his crab sandwich on grilled sourdough while hanging out at Big Phone Park. I'm sure all the plebeian Giants fans raise their chardonnay-holding oustretched pinkies in agreement!

  • As of 9a this morning (3/10), reserve level tickets for opening day were going as cheap as $60/seat on And, via 6-4-2, cut-rate ticket service Goldstar is hawking Opening Series seats as low as $12. Suddenly, the incentive to become a season or mini-plan ticket holder seems a lot smaller.


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

Larry Baer's a choad.

knit said...


knit said...

did you mean to say plebeian? The comment might be funnier with patrician.

knit said...

Also, you misspelled plebeian. It was funny.

Steve Sax said...

Hmm. That's it, we are firing that intern.

Steve Sax said...

@knit 6:47p: fixed. thanks