Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dodgers Take Out Their Own Duke Snider Newspaper Ad

From today's LA Times sports section:

(Click to enlarge.) The text, which appears to be in the throwbackish Eames font:

In Brooklyn he was the Duke of Flatbush and a student of "The Dodger Way." When the ballclub moved West in '58 the Silver Fox came home, back to L.A. where he was first discovered as a standout at Compton High School.

The Dodgers' career home run leader. Eight times an All-Star. One of the finest center fielders to play the game.

Number 4 forever.

Edwin "Duke" Snider

Earlier at SoSG: MLB Takes Out Duke Snider Memorial Newspaper Ad


spank said...

Straight outta Compton.......

Much better.

Fred's Brim said...

This is a lot better than the MLB ad. That picture of a potbellied Duke was a poor choice

Steve Sax said...

Someone stole my papers again today. This is really pissing me off.

Kyle Baker said...

Straight Outta Compton, Rangy Center Fielder Named Snider
From The Team Dubbed Boys of Summer
Never Called Out, Cause I Hit It Out
Swing the Ash Wood, And There's No Doubt
You Too, Mantle, If Ya Fuck With Me
NY Finest Are Gonna Hafta Come And Get Me
Off Mays' Ass, That's How I'm Goin Out
For The Punk MVP Voters That's Showin' Out
Gnats Start To Mumble, They Wanna Rumble
Mix Em And Cook Em In A Pot Like Gumbo
Goin Off On A Yankee Like That
With A Bat That's Pointed At Yo Ass

Fred's Brim said...

Damn that shit was dope!

Alex Cora said...

I don't get the actual paper anymore, and really missed out on this ad - classy. Love the picture.

spank said...

Dat was fly,G!