Monday, March 07, 2011

Amy K Nelson Writes About Absolutely Nothing In Specific

ESPN's Amy K Nelson is a fine writer, but this is probably the finest article I've ever read in which there is no substantive subject matter:

Representatives of Major League Baseball, the players' association and the World Umpires Association executive board met for about 2½ hours Sunday in Fort Myers, Fla., to discuss issues of "mutual concern", MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred said.

Nine umpires, as well as former players such as Bobby Bonilla, Tony Clark and Rick Helling were at the meeting. Joe Torre, Frank Robinson and Manfred were part of the contingent representing the commissioner's office.

"It was a conversation about on-field issues of mutual concern. It was an effort to make sure everybody understands what everybody is thinking about," Manfred said.

"There were some things we talked about that I think will result in concrete steps," said Manfred, who wouldn't go into particulars of the topics discussed.

MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner called the meeting a "healthy and productive exchange by all parties on a range of on-field issues and a range of issues of common concern."

So let me get this straight. A bunch of umpires and former players and MLB staff met on Sunday, and talked about a lot of stuff for over two hours, and it was really productive. This is indeed crack news reporting.

In kind, I can say that I had a phone call conversation with SoSG Orel this weekend. It lasted about 13 minutes, and was a healthy and productive exchange by both parties on a range of discussion topics of common concern.

And next time we have another one of these kinds of conversations, I will make sure to post about it.

In other news, SoSG Alex Cora did some stuff this weekend.


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