Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Dodgers Nike T-Shirts Worth A Look

A voice from the grave (SoSG Pedro Guerrero) sends along this link to some pretty cool t-shirts he found while trolling the web (clearly, the time in the afterlife is pretty boring).

First, a relatively easy shot across the bow at that other Vernon-Wells-filled team in Southern California (no, not the Padres):

Next, a shirt for Dodgers fans who are down with pseudo-ASL:

Both are pretty cool but I could do without the fathead-sized LA logo on the back, for my money.

And then there are some other options that were more curious (these aren't from Pedro). First, why does one need the reminder that the Dodgers are a baseball team?

And here's one shirt for the ladies that, depending on the person sporting the shirt, could face some heated arguments:

Pretty good ideas from the good folks at Nike. Send us an email if you find some other t-shirt gems; we've got a month and a half to get our 2011 gear ready!

UPDATE 3:15p: Look, the Register of Orange County has also picked up this story!

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karina said...

I want the first shirt on a ladies size and cut! love these posts!

MR.F said...

Those are cool shirts!