Thursday, February 24, 2011

ESPN Baseball Tonight's 2011 Dodgers Preview

Nice quickie video segment from the BBTN team previewing the 2011 Dodgers; you can watch the video, starring Karl Ravech, Tim Kurkjian, and John Kruk, below:

Alternatively, and considering that ESPN videos tend to self-destruct pretty quickly, here's the Cliff Notes version if you don't want to waste three minutes of your day:

  • Kurkjian contends the #1 question for the team is new manager Don Mattingly, but says he's off to "a terrific start", based on words from Andre Ethier that insinuate Mattingly is bringing a more revved-up attitude to a team that was somehwat complacent last year under Joe Torre;
  • Kurkjian's #2 question is Juan Uribe, though Kurkjian concedes the 24 HR Uribe hit last year dwarfs the 3 HR hit by Dodgers second basemen last year (that's not the only thing Uribe dwarfs, by the way (and I'm not talking about Uribe's .248 BA));
  • Ravech brings up left field as the abyss. "They'll hit and hope balls aren't hit to them." Yeah, that's inspiring;
  • Kruk's X-Factor is, unsurprisingly, Jonathan Broxton. You've heard the arguments before, nothing to see here, keep moving onward.


spank said...

Thanks for the cliff notes,Saxy. I don't watch ESPN anymore unless the Lakers or Dodgers are playing and I have no alternative channel to watch.