Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Joe Block

Via TBLA, Ken Levine will be replaced by Joe Block, currently the radio host for the New Orleans Hornets. Will a hoops background make him a good radio show partner with Josh Suchon? We'll see.

The departure of Ken Levine, however, is a bummer for those of us who liked listening to a post-game show that used sarcasm and wit to break up the drudgery of callers with extremist views or completely unfeasible trade proposals (e.g., Jonathan Broxton for Mariano Rivera and A-Rod). Levine could always find a delicate way of acknowledging the point while still winking to the crowd that he was in on the gag. He will be missed.


Josh S. said...

I enjoyed his work as Tion Medon in Revenge of the Sith.

spank said...

I almost shit meself when I saw both pics.