Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frank McCourt: Pulling A McCartney

According to's Ramona Shelburne, Frank McCourt says that despite the court ruling that Jamie McCourt has equal claim to the Dodgers, Frank McCourt is confident that he will prevail as the Dodgers' sole owner once his divorce from Jamie is complete:

Frank McCourt said he wouldn't change a thing about his seven years as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and remains confident, despite his recent legal setbacks, that he will be able to retain ownership of the team once his divorce from former wife Jamie McCourt is settled.

"No. I wouldn't do anything differently," McCourt said Tuesday, his first public comments since L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon granted Jamie McCourt's request to throw out the post-nuptial marital property agreement that would've given Frank McCourt sole ownership of the team.

"We're just going to go through that process. And I'm very, very confident, at the end of the process, I'm going to own the baseball team and someday my four kids are. My confidence in that has not changed a bit, based on what we've gone through. That's how I continue to proceed on a daily basis."

Wow, that's a fair amount of bravado. Say, say, say, what you want. But don't play games with my affection. Take, take, take, what you need; but don't leave me with no direction.

McCourt said Tuesday that nothing about the day-to-day operations of the team has changed since Gordon's ruling.

"No. Not at all," said McCourt, who has also been acting as the team's president since Dennis Mannion left in October. "If anything I've redoubled my efforts to bring a winner to L.A. That's how I spend my days."

Ooh! I'm getting closer, my salamander. Oh, when will we be there? Oh no, don't answer, oh no. I'm getting closer; I'm getting closer to your heart....

McCourt said he was optimistic about the Dodgers prospects for the 2011 season.

"I think we made some of the improvements we needed to make in the offseason and I'm very, very excited about the team and its prospects," he said. "I'm looking forward to seeing how they come together in spring training."

Hmm. So if I understand what you're saying: with a little luck, we can help it out; we can make this whole damn thing work out. Okay then!


Eric Karros said...

This is one of my favorite McCartney songs, and may be most appropriate of all.

Fernie V said...

That sucks that means he has no intentions in selling the team.

Fernie V said...

Am I showing my age, but have never heard those songs.

spank said...

@ FV

Go to the corner and take time out.