Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Russell Martin Is in New York

From Eric Stephen at True Blue LA:

Earlier this offseason, when Russell Martin signed a one-year deal with the Yankees for a guaranteed base salary of $4 million plus incentives, it didn't seem too different from the Dodgers reported offer of $4.2 million plus incentives. The performance bonuses in the Yankees' deal were easier to attain, and could push the total value higher than the Dodger offer, but for the most part both offers seemed similar. However, the Dodgers' offer to Martin was not guaranteed, a source has confirmed to True Blue LA.

Great scoop, Eric!

AP photo


spank said...

Most of you are going to hate me when I say this but I am sick and tired of this fuck. I hope Padilla gets a chance to pitch to JMart and beans his ass to the Emergency Ward.


*throws water bottle to the ground OG styles*

Eric Karros said...

Orel, why do you capitalize the i in is but not the i in in?

Prepositions need love too

Kyle Baker said...

I agree with Orel's capitalization rules, for the record. Oldskool headline writing. Fuck a preposition.

Orel said...

Amen, Dusty!

Eric Karros said...

Yeah I guess that's technically the rule but I'm not sure I'm down With it. Even though subconsciously I usually follow it.

Kyle Baker said...

I guess you gotta break the rules sometime, EK. Although if you wanted to turn journalistic tradition on its head, you might look to use sentence case for headlines and flaunt the whole capitalization style.

Suck it, AP!