Friday, April 03, 2009

2009: The Year of the Neeebs?

♫ Neeeeeeebs are the champions ♫

Congratulations to Neeebs for erasing a 4-minute halftime deficit in the Championship Game and ending cigarcow's Cinderella run from the lowly 19 seeed. Good stuff.

Now, if the Loney Fan-QuadSevens rivalry is Magic-Bird, could Neeebs-cigarcow be LeBron-Kobe? Consider:

  • The two waged one of the tournament's closest battles (net 22 mins) in its biggest game.
  • After leading the Comment Speed Rankings mid-tourney, cigarcow has since relinquished the top spot to Neeebs. Nonetheless, the two remain in the top 3:
    Competitor (seed)
    Avg Comment
    Neeebs (8)
    10 mins
    Wicks (14)
    18 mins
    cigarcow (19)
    20 mins
    djansson (11)
    30 mins
    Steve (3)
    39 mins
  • The two are 1 and 2 in the overall SoSG top commenter rankings. After briefly ceding the #1 commenter spot to Neeebs, cigarcow has since retaken the position with a vengeance:
  • And apparently cigarcow is macking on Neeebs' mom. Hey, he said it, not me.

In any case, congratulations to both Neeebs and cigarcow. Prize will be announced shortly.

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QuadSevens said...

if the Loney Fan-QuadSevens rivalry is Magic-Bird

Does this mean I have to buy some really short Lakers shorts?

Steve Sax said...

Q7, as per your new avatar, I'm assuming you're wearing said short shorts right now.

Jimbo said...

Since the "macking with mom" theme has been laid out, will the next tournament involve making "yo' mamma" jokes?

QuadSevens said...

Actually Sax, that day I was wearing my Dodgers short shorts. I'll have to look for some Lakers short shorts now I guess.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

The Year of the Neeebs! Has a pleasant ring to it. I think that a speech is in order:

First, I'd like to thank Alex for not showing up in Round 1. I'd also like to thank LoneyFan for bringing me in focus by the "bring it on" taunt. (;-) As for my semi-final opponent, WDDIM, I thank him for a his toughness and I owe him a beer. And lastly, I thank Cigarcow for providing me with tips and hints throughout the tournament, which enabled me to hone my skills (ie, why refresh every forty minutes when you can refresh every twenty minutes; Blackberry away from the keyboard, a novel concept.)

I also wish to thank the five individuals who voted for me in the final four "who's going to win" poll.

Finally, I want to thank SOSG and especially EK for throwing one last bit of fun before game time begins on Monday.

Cheers to you all,


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Can I be Lebron? Kobe's got too much baggage.

MR.F said...

If neebs is Lebron, cigarcow can buy this: