Friday, March 27, 2009

SoSG Baseball: Mid-Tourney Review

Well, the Final Four is set:

Satiating our bottomless need to quantify and rank anything and everything, SoSG's stat department has compiled the following ranking of the fastest commenters, based on average time-to-comment (remaining competitors in bold):

Competitor (seed)
Avg Comment
cigarcow (19)
14 mins
Neeebs (8)
16 mins
Wicks (14)
18 mins
djansson (11)
30 mins
Steve (3)
39 mins
Dave (6)
43 mins
w.d.d.i.m. (4)
1 hr, 5 mins
Loney Fan (1)
1 hr, 6 mins
fanerman (17)
1 hr, 7 mins
Damon (16)
1 hr, 27 mins
M.S.T.I. (12)
1 hr, 28 mins
Brandon (15)
1 hr, 31 mins
QuadSevens (2)
1 hr, 56 mins
Dr. Geek (10)
1 hr, 59 mins
Dusto Magnifico (5)
4 hr, 11 mins
Felix Pardalis (18)
8 hr, 4 mins
DanGarion (7)
8 hr, 11 mins
Alex (9)
Bryan (13)

Here is what this data tells me:

  • The tournament's unquestioned Cinderella - #19 seed cigarcow - is no fluke. Not only has he won more matchups than anyone (three), he's also statistically the fastest commenter, averaging a mere 14 minutes to comment.
  • Seeds mean nothing. Not only is the lowest seed the fastest commenter, but the next three fastest commenters are all seeded 8th or lower: Neeebs (2nd fastest but the 8 seed), Wicks (3rd but the 14 seed), and djansson (4th but the 11 seed).
  • Dr. Geek has reached the Final Four thanks to a cream-puff schedule. He places only #14 in the speed rankings, and his path has traversed only DanGarion (#17 speed ranking) and Brandon (#12). Lucky bastard.
  • On the flipside, the 3rd-fastest commenter Wicks was the victim of a bad draw, having to go up against cigarcow in the Play-In Round.

So now let's see what you think:

Who will win SoSG March Madness?
Dr. Geek
Free polls from

Anyhow, rest up this weekend in time for the Final Four next week!

1computed from a commenter's 1st comment in each Comment-Time thread, and only while the commenter remains in the competition.

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Jimbo said...

I got by on easy match-ups; I'm the Arizona Wildcats of the SOSG March Madness Tourney!

cigarcow said...

And apparently I'm in first place in the Dodgerthoughts tournament pick 'em! If any money was involved in this thing for me, I'd be doing pretty well.

what_difference_does_it_make said...

I can't wait till the 30th!

Jimbo said...

Oh, man. If the game takes place on the 31st, I am screwed, seeing how I will be at the Dodgers spring training game all morning/afternoon.

cigarcow said...

I share your concern, Dr. Geek. You might have an advantage over me on the 30th because we'll be driving home from Camelback that day after a weekend of games.

Jimbo said...


Dave said...

Do I get any credit for having the sixth fastest average time and being seeded sixth? That kind of skill is not seen every day...

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Did it occur to any of you posters that this might just be "Sweeps Week" for SOSG, and that this "tournament" is simply a sneaky way to increase traffic to increase ad revenues?????????????????????????

Would these guys do something that devious to us?????????????

MR.F said...

If true, I applaud SoSG's brilliant maneuver.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I applaud SOSG's brilliance every day. But this is a good one.

cigarcow said...

If that's true, they can't be happy with me in the Final Four. I'm here all the time anyway.

Bryan said...

i sincerely apologize for my no-show in the tournament. i was busy on monday preparing to go to the wbc final, and then tuesday was spent recovering (i'm korean).

Wicks said...

There is no doubt that I was screwed in the seeding process, are the SOSG the same guys who run the BCS?......hahahaha.