Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What the Hell, EK?

...is up with that hair??? From Bugs & Cranks and The Sporting Blog via Deadspin*:

Reminds me of:

*confidential to yesterday's Game Thread attendees: bonus merkin reference at Deadspin!
New Yorker cartoon by Steve Duenes


Neeebs said...

Heavens to Merkins.

Penos Cabell said...

Kenny Alberts looks like he just smoked a fat one.

Nic j said...

Young's Gone, sent to the pirates.


Penos Cabell said...

Delwynn did all he could at the minor league level. He deserves to play in the majors. At least the Dodgers are gonna get something in return.

Anonymous said...

That's Fox hair; they all have it. Expect a dark tan next.

Loney Fan said...

SoSG getting a nod from THINK BLUE TV