Saturday, April 11, 2009

Penny Follows Lowe's Act

We know what former Dodger starter Derek Lowe did in his first start. But how about the other starter that got away, Brad Penny? From

Thanks to the [Red Sox's] timely offense, Brad Penny came up a winner in his debut for his new team. Penny was hardly spectacular, but he got the job done, allowing three runs over six innings to earn a quality start. The big righty walked two and struck out two, throwing 86 pitches.

With every Dodgers move to the DL, or every struggle of our young starters, we're going to hear more and more about the ones that got away, or the ones that we didn't sign. And somewhere, Pedro Martinez is smiling.

photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Loney Fan said...

I didn't make this argument online but I argued all off-season with those who would listen. Brad Penny was our best player for years and gave his all. The year we finally make the playoffs with a shot to go to the World Series, he can't play due to injury. I don't blame him for leaving the clubhouse early. That must have been devastating. I wish we still had him.

Orel said...

He was a punk during the playoffs, but our pitching need outweighed our Boy Scout need.

Celsius1414 said...

While it's easy to do, just because a former pitcher of ours does well elsewhere doesn't mean we should have kept him. Success elsewhere is no guarantee of success every where.

And with that bit of philosophical brilliance, I could use a beer.

Orel said...

Way too rational, TD!

Celsius1414 said...

Like I said, lemme get a beer. ;)