Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Name Change

So this season, Russell Martin changed his name on his jersey to include a "J" to honor his mother. We at SOSG think that this is a great idea and that other players should adopt similar practices. In particular, we think that James McDonald should add a "NO" inbetween the first and last name. As in "Not Owned" by McDonald's, as Chipotle® is longer associated with McDonald's. Sure, Chipotle® became a subsidary of McDonald's in 1999, but since then McDonald's has sold its entire stake in Chipotle®, with complete divestment in 2006. So go ahead and savor those wonderful burritos without the guilt of thinking you are giving your money to a fast food corporation like McDonald's. Chipotle® serves honest, wholesome and nutritious food that started as a little store in Denver, Colorado. Chipotle® may be growing fast, but they are still retain those mom and pop store values that helped launch a burrito revolution across the nation. Go Burrito Blue!


cigarcow said...

Does Chipotle offer churros? Because that's the only mexican food I like.