Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dodger Dog Delusions

Both SoSG Steve Sax and SoSG Alex Cora attended yesterday's home opener...and both are claiming credit for Orlando Hudson's historic achievement. From AC:

I then ran over to the other aisle, but didn't have my camera ready for Brad Ausmus and O-Dogg. I did give high fives to both of them and I tend to think that the fist bump I gave to O-Dogg when he came down was the reason he hit for the cycle (and don't you dare kill my dream).

And from Sax;

I have heard, though I have not confirmed this firsthand, that in his post-game interviews, Hudson attributed his historic cycle-registering day to his slapping SoSG Sax's hand during player intros. I'm not surprised that I was the catalyst for O-Dog's breakout performance...after all, I was feeling LUCKY, remember?

There's only one solution to this, gentlemen: cage match!


Steve Sax said...

How about a first-to-comment match?

Oh wait, I'VE ALREADY WON!!!

Steve Sax said...

Shouldn't the headline read "Dodger [O-]Dog Delusions"?

Alex Cora said...

Tread lightly Sax as there is a certain picture of you after the game. With that, ODogg's greatness was my doing. Period (Blackmail always works).

Orel said...

Your move, Sax.

Steve Sax said...

First, I celebrated O-Dog's cycle.

Now, I'm getting hit by a spin cycle.