Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Clipper Fans Feeling a Touch of J.D. Drew-itis?

From "In Clippers Country, Brand's departure is business as usual" by J.A. Adande at

"I wish ill will upon him," a Clipper fan friend of mine said.

That's pretty much the sentiment among the non-purple-and-gold set in L.A.

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Steve Sax said...

How can you blame Brand for this one? He has suffered through failing Clipper seasons for years, and always been a stand-up guy who was a model franchise player. He frankly deserved better than the purgatory he's been in with the Clippers. I don't wish Brand any ill will, and thank him for his time here (being a partial season ticket holder), in which he always was a beacon of hope amidst a sad franchise...

...big shoes to fill there, Baron!

Orel said...

It's that whole say-one-thing-do-another-thing thing. Thing.