Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Andruw Jones Notches Third Two-Hit Game as Dodger

And hey, it's only July! That's right, you can read all about the crazy 2-for-4 day here in the box score; Jones' two-single evening ballooned [verb choice intended] his average from .159 to a heftier [adjective choice intended] .168.

Only 32 points away from Mendoza! It's the first uptick in his average since May 14, his last two-hit game. I'll have to update my "March Toward Mendoza" graph (but will do so later as EK's graph deserves the entire spotlight this morning).


Eric Karros said...

Thanks for the consideration Sax, but you know my motto: There can never be too many graphs. In fact I too have a Jones-related graph mentally percolating...