Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Dodger Idol" Update Extravaganza

From Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times (reg.):

Kuroda said he was nervous when taking the mound, but less so than he was the previous day when he dressed up as Elvis Presley and sang "Love Me Tender" in front of the entire team in the clubhouse as part of a "Dodgers Idol" competition.

And from Diamond:

Earlier [Feb. 28], Hiroki Kuroda volunteered a performance of Elvis' "Love Me Tender" to the rest of the clubhouse as part of Dodger Idol. “He might have been nervous, but he camouflaged it," Torre said. "That might bode well for his pitching. Never let them see you sweat." Said Mark Sweeney, "He didn't have to do it. He wanted to, and that's big."

And Diamond's follow-up:

Hiroki Kuroda, P - Wonder if Elvis had his first concert dissected as much

An earlier update from Ben Platt at the message boards:

WELCOME, ROOKIES: "Dodger Idol" got underway this morning for players appearing in their first big league camp. Nomar Garciaparra played the role of Ryan Seacrest, while Juan Pierre was Randy Jackson, team physical therapist Sue Falsone was Paula Abdul, and Jeff Kent was Simon Cowell. The list of players who performed: Rick Asadoorian, Lucas May, James McDonald, John Lindsey, Mario Alvarez, and Xavier Paul. Asadoorian started things off with his rendition of "Piano Man" while playing the guitar and harmonica. Paul closed things out with a version of Al Green's "Let’s Stay Together."