Friday, March 28, 2008

SoSG Needs Your Help for the Coliseum Game

Talk about stars aligning. The staff of SoSG has a horrible problem in which all of us, for different reasons, will be out of town or taking vacation on March 29, so none of us will be able to attend the Dodgers / Red Sox game at the Coliseum on Saturday.

One of us will be on the east coast. One will be in the midwest. One will be at the Phoenix Regional cheering on UCLA. One has a wedding. One has a bar mitzvah. One will be recovering from an emergency appendectomy (and he doesn't even know it yet, which is going to be quite a hoot!). And the final Son is too addicted to Guitar Hero III to leave the house (much to his mother's dismay, as she'd like her basement back).

So here's where we need your help. Please, please send us your pictures of the event and we'll post what we can, with our usual snarky commentary. If you want to send your take on the event as well, we'd appreciate it and might even publish a quote or two. Everything submitted might be published on the blog. Just follow the link on the sidebar, under "Email us".

Thanks, o' faithful SoSG reader, we appreciate it. And hve a great time at the game; we wish we were there with you...


Xeifrank said...

Ok, I will try my best. I will take some pictures of the Fan Fest, batting practice and game. Hopefully, I don't forget the memory card or have my camera confiscated by one of the ushers.
vr, Xei

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to pictures I took from the game.