Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barry Who?

From "Giant makeover: Bonds' images gone from AT&T Park" at

SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Giants have now removed prominent tributes in the stadium to Barry Bonds, who has steroid allegations and perjury charges hanging over his head.

Take a good look: The left-field wall at AT&T Park will look much different this season than it did in 2007.

The left-field wall no longer bears an image of Bonds chasing Hank Aaron for the home run crown, nor elsewhere is the number of Bonds' home runs in relation to Aaron posted.

There are no "756" signs -- signifying the home run he hit to break Aaron's record -- anywhere in the park, in fact. A team spokeswoman said the Giants would put up a plaque to note where he had hit his last homer with the team.


Steve Sax said...

Maybe the right-field counter can keep track of Barry Zito's W-L record in SF (11-13 going into the 2008 season).

Orel said...

Hey, what do you expect for a lousy $126 million?

But at least he's pitching, unlike the Dodgers' $47 million paperweight.