Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coliseum Exhibition Game to Set New Dodger Parking Price Records

According to the Dodgers' own press release, parking around the Coliseum around the USC campus will cost $25, a $10 increase over Dodger Stadium parking prices last year.

Parking on the USC Campus will be available at five gates. Lots open at 8 a.m. with each slot costing $25.

  • Gate 1 – Enter at Exposition Blvd. and Watt Way (just East of Menlo Blvd. on north side of Exposition Blvd.)
  • Gate 3 – Enter at Figueroa Blvd. and McCarthy Blvd. (across from Radisson Hotel on west side of Figueroa Blvd.)
  • Gate 4 – Enter at Jefferson and Royal (immediately East of Hoover on south side of Jefferson)
  • Gate 5 – Enter at Jefferson and McClintok (just East of Vermont on the south side of Jefferson Blvd.)
  • Gate 6 – Enter at Vermont and 36th Street (across the street from Togos on the east side of Vermont)

Hopefully Frank doesn't get any more parking-rate-increase ideas for the regular season.

To be fair, the Dodgers are also offering free parking at Dodger Stadium and a complimentary shuttle service before and after the game (reservations recommended at (323) 224-1507).

And, they even suggest some public transportation ideas via Metro. Hmm, what a novel idea, public transportation options!


bobmac said...

It is my hope that the parking fees will go to ThinkCure...making the pain a little less...for both fan and cancer patient.

Steve Sax said...

Hey, we're all for the charitable cause surrounding this game, which we've praised in earlier posts. but $25 for parking seems a little excessive, and I doubt they're giving you a "tax-deductible contribution" receipt.

If you want to give to Think Cure, how about we write them a check for $15 and pay $10 for parking?