Friday, February 29, 2008

Comment Myopia: Dodger Fans Through the Eyes of Deadspin Wags

Want to take the temperature of the sports blogosphere? Check Deadspin, perhaps the leading sports blog. And for good reason—it's funny, erudite and (most importantly) updated frequently. So it was with some interest that I saw a Dodger-themed post over there. I wondered, What will the Deadspin commenters say about the forthcoming Coliseum game?

Here's a sampling:

Yeah, but they'll show up in the 3rd inning and leave by the 5th.

Yeah but they're all gonna show up in the bottom of the 3rd inning

It will be like a giant douche-off!

Now, I'm never one to advocate terrorist attacks, but if there ever was a time...

Dodger Blue versus the Red Sox. In no way could this prompt a Crips and Bloods altercation.

So what can we learn about Dodger fans from Deadspin commenters?

We arrive late and leave early. Not since I watched that Carlos Mencia marathon on Comedy Central have I seen such original, incisive commentary. Yes, it's true some people attending Dodger games miss the first few innings. Or the last few. What's amazing is how this never happens in other cities! Have you seen 55,000 people in their seats for the first pitch? I highly recommend you travel to any of the 29 other cities with MLB franchises and check it out.

We are a bunch of douchebags who should be killed. It's true! We're so lame! I personally am a huge douchebag, as is my wife. Our friends and their kids? Douchebags all. We're all looking forward to our richly deserved deaths. Attention non-douchebags: Douchebags are everywhere. They just have a higher profile in L.A.

Colors : Los Angeles :: City of God : Rio de Janeiro. Los Angeles has gangs. And some of their members actually enjoy Dodger games.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Comment Myopia, when we see what other anonymous internet posters have to say about the important issues of today!


In fairness, some commenters seem to get it:

Lazy. There's nothing more tired than making comments about the stereotypical nature of LA sports fans.
However, I think there's definitely truth to the rumor that Boston fans are all hardcore racists.

Hey, I hear the fans will all show up in the third inning and leave in the seventh!
And what about that airplane food! What is the deal with that stuff???


Tuffy said...

They're not all winners, but we're hilarious in our delivery. Or... uhm, something.

I really enjoyed my single chance to attend a game at Chavez Ravine a few years ago. There were a lot of late arrivals, but it was a late afternoon/early evening game and that's LA traffic for you. Sunset in Dodger Stadium is quite the selling point.

And those stupid Hollywood types kept voting for abortions in the fourth inning before they left to snort coke off the posterior of an "aspiring actress"!

Sorry. I almost made it.

So what's LA Coliseum like these days? Is it run down? Do you have to genuflect to Peter Ueberroth's statue on the way in? Will having the left field fence so close finally give Juan Pierre a chance at a major league home run?

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...

And there I was hoping to see you discuss twoeightnine's proposal to infuriate the Islamic world.

Orel said...

He had me at "bacon."