Friday, March 28, 2008

Blue World Order?

This week's Sports Illustrated unveiled its annual pre-season Player Value Rankings (PVR), in which they rank each MLB player from #1 (A-Rod) to #425 (Brad Ausmus at #406 was the lowest I could find) based on their projected performance this season.

Let's see how the pecking order of the Dodgers' primary position players is shifting compared to last season (Matt Kemp is omitted as he wasn't ranked in '07):

(click on graph to enlarge)

The biggest positive movers are, no surprise, youngsters James Loney (up 184 spots to #58) and Russell Martin (up 86 to #32). These two take over the top two spots on the team from Rafael Furcal and Juan Pierre. But ageless Jeff Kent also fared well. The 40-Year-Old Vergin' on joining the 1,500 RBI club moved up 42 spots to #73.

On the flipside, Nomar plunged 98 spots to #201 and Pierre is down 66 to #133. And while Andruw Jones would have been the top dog on last year's Dodgers, his poor '07 dropped him to 4th on the '08 team.

Of course these are only one magazine's pre-season surmisations. In a couple months it could be a whole new ballgame.