Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kemp Homers, Repko Slams, Lowe Shaky in Win Over Red Sox


Dodgers' Spring Training record: 3-5-1


Alex Cora said...

Did anyone watch this game on ESPN today? I caught the first couple of innings and Lowe looked pretty bad. He left a lot of pitches up for a sinkerball pitcher. Then as soon as one guy got on, he fell apart - his M.O. last year. Maybe Kuroda will be our #2 guy.

Steve Sax said...

I watched a couple of innings. We looked pretty pathetic at the plate when we were down 5-1, and then I think had the bases loaded withone out and only managed to get one more run out of that frame. Glad to see we pulled it out at the end; Peter Gammons was there giving commentary from the field level so it's nice to see his Sox go down.