Thursday, March 27, 2008

Andruw Jones to Lumber into Niketown Saturday

Got an email the other day that Andruw Jones will be at the Beverly Hills Niketown on Saturday March 29 from 11.45a - 1p, showing off the new baseball-inspired collection by Nike, the "Opening Day" collection by Jordan Brand. Jones will be at the store "showing off the great baseball-inspired footwear as well as meeting and greeting fans."

We normally wouldn't post on things like this, but given we too have a Nike shoe contract, we're obligated to post, but only this one time.


Damon said...

your shoes hurt my feet

Steve Sax said...

damon, they shouldn't; they're designed to be comfortable even if you put on thirty extra pounds. Just ask Andruw on Saturday!

Thank you, Beverly Hills! Good night!

Alex Cora said...

We have a contact? Where's our revenue?

Steve Sax said...

AC, I think your shoe contract is with Starbury.