Monday, March 17, 2008

Dodgertown's Final Days Brings Tears, Syrupy Journalism

Sixty years ago, the world was introduced to future "Meet Me Halfway (Theme from Over the Top)" scribe Kenny Loggins, and Vero Beach celebrated the arrival of Da' New York Baseball Bums. But like Kenny Loggins's career, all good things must pass.

With the final few games playing at revered Dodgertown (where Master Blaster rules), fans and reporters are coming out in droves. Tears are being shed. Games are being lost. And cheese is being applied. From MLB's Tom Singer, who just might be the most sensitive man this side of Freddie Prinze Jr.

DODGERTOWN, Fla. -- They have made the pilgrimage all month, paying their last respects on both sides of the foul line, players and fans alike filing by for the final public viewing.

Soon, the place will be laid to its final rest.

But you can already feel the ghosts. Here, Roy Campanella enthralls young players gathered at the tracks of his wheelchair. There, Walt Alston growls at messed-up rundown drills and Al Campanis talks about coconut snatching. Everywhere, hundreds of uniformed fuzzy-cheeked kids amble about, dreaming of The Call.

Soon, the ghosts will have their own town.

Variety just reported that MLB's Tom Singer has been tapped to write the sequel to Beaches.

PS - Congratulations to Sons of Steve Garvey on reaching 2000 posts!