Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pirates Follow Dodgers' Lead in Exploitation of Gluttony

From Bugs and Cranks via Deadspin:

The Pirates may not have had a lot of added much to the roster from a team that lost 94 games last season. However, they did make one change this off-season to ensure fans at PNC Park will have to spend less time paying attention to the product on the field: they’ve instituted two new all you can eat sections.

Starting this year, outfield reserve sections 146 and 147 will feature the all you can eat options. Individual tickets will cost $35 in advance and $40 at the gate, and be available for home games Sunday through Thursday nights, excluding opening day. But don’t expect a free-for-all Pirates fans. There are going to be rules.

Menu items will include hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, salads, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream and soda. The North Shore Refreshments concession stand on the Riverwalk will be exclusively dedicated to all-you-can-eat seat holders to ensure a “speed line” approach. A maximum of four of each item per trip to the dedicated concession stand will apply. Water and adult beverages will be available for purchase at nearby concession stands.

Pirates president Frank Coonelly noted that the “concept has proven to be very popular in other ballparks and will provide a built-in value and convenience for our fans, especially for families and group outings.” For certain, it fits in with the new regime’s goal of building a new base of Pirate fans.

And teaching them that no matter how the team does or what the weather is outside,or what the promotion is bottled water will always be overpriced at PNC Park. Always.