Friday, March 14, 2008

Hu's The Better Comparison?

So sometime during the day today, I finally came to the conclusion that Chin-Lung Hu looks a lot like Shaobo Qin, Yen from the Ocean's Eleven series of movies. This was not necessarily original material, having been referenced before over at Blue Heaven, where ernest had made this connection back in September 2007 (when looking at SoSG's rookie hazing pictures, no less; it all comes full circle!).

Now, cognizant that Deadspin's ombudsman had already made this caution in the post, "Not Every Black Man in America Is Martin Lawrence," I thought I should be careful with such a "separated at birth?" comparison that hinges upon race. After all, we live in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in America, where different people from different races intermingle each day and certainly in the crowd of each game at Dodger Stadium. SoSG, in turn, is also color blind (except for pro-Dodger blue and anti-orange, that is), and we want to make sure that we look well beyond racial lines.

So with that in mind, let's leave it to the SoSG readers in a new poll: Chin-Lung Hu Looks Like Which Ocean's Eleven Cast Member?

George Clooney?

Matt Damon?

Shaobo Qin?

Bernie Mac?

Chin-Lung Hu looks like which Ocean's Eleven cast member?
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Shaobo Qin
Bernie Mac
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Marc said...

You guys always make the off-season fun.