Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dodger Stadium Upgrades Food Options

Sometime in the middle of last season, I discovered the Camacho's nachos secret of Dodger Stadium. Each game, I'd slither upstairs on the staircase behind home plate, leaving the comfortable confines of field level for a bowl of Camacho's nachos with shredded pork, which apparently was only available on the Loge level. Along with a Dodger Dog and plenty of beer, it was the best food option in the park.

Next year, it looks like the competition is wide open. As Jon linked earlier, Canter's Deli is one of the new establishments to the park next year, along with Ruby's Diner and a Camacho's Cantina. These are all great and the Dodgers should get praise for including a Los Angeles institution like Canter's in the mix:

Traditional ballpark fare has given way to more dining options at baseball stadiums across the country. Dodger Stadium in recent years added California Pizza Kitchen and Panda Express, for example.

For Canter’s, the Dodger Stadium location marks only its second expansion from its home on Fairfax Avenue, where it has been located since 1953. In 2003, a Canter’s opened inside of Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. It used Dodgers memorabilia as decorations.

The new restaurant line-up is the end of the first phase of a $60 million, multi-year revamp by Dallas-based HKS Architects to renovate one of the nation’s oldest baseball stadiums. Field level seating saw the first improvements. The remaining levels are scheduled for a re-do over the next few years.

But the real jewel of the crown is Mrs. Beasley's, a Carson, CA-based bakery that is known for its cupcakes, according to my sister in law. (I have a huge apology to my sister, who told me about Mrs. Beasley's coming to Dodger Stadium months ago, and I spaced out and was summarily scooped on the story. Sorry!) Just check this out. Expensive, perhaps, but they look incredible. And as you can see below, Kelly Preston is a fan (among others). I'll let you know how tasty these cupcakes are on Opening Day...


Eric Karros said...

Tasty cupcake indeed. But as you say, if it looks incredible, it's usually quite expensive.

Steve Sax said...

EK, are you referring to Ms. Preston, or the food?

Eric Karros said...

Ah...much like the Greek tragedy The Bacchae, my comment has many possible meanings. And as did Euripides, I shall allow each reader to make their own interpretation.

And by the way that's Mrs. Preston.