Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dodgers, Padres Take Edict to "Establish Baseball Ties in China" a Bit Too Literally


Dodgers' Spring Training record: 6-10-2


"SD" > "LA"? From

Li-hua Yuan, a 22-year-old student, was given a free ticket by a friend before the game. She admitted, though an interrupter [sic], that she didn't know the first thing about baseball, but was curious to see how her fellow Chinese countrymen responded to this new sport.

"Most people I know like soccer, they like Ping-Pong. They don't know baseball," she said, between bites of a soft pretzel, another hot item on Saturday. "I will cheer for the San Diego team. I like their hats better."

And that interrupter should mind his manners!

Beijing = LA? From Ken Gurnick:

The stadium was nearly empty 15 minutes before game time, but only pockets of empty seats remained once the game was underway.

"I was wondering what was going on, but it was like any other Dodgers game," said designated hitter Matt Kemp. "They didn't show up until the second inning. It's just like playing in Dodger Stadium. But I was a little worried."

A Chinese baseball tradition we could use in the States. From the AP article covering the game:

The game at the new Olympic venue drew an announced crowd of 12,224 - a near sellout - and had many of the touches of home: vendors selling peanuts, hot dogs, beer, soft drinks or - and this is China - plastic bottles of tea. The concessions were cheaper than the U.S. - about $1.50 for a soft drink or a beer, and $3 for a bag of peanuts.

Chan Ho Park (5.0 IP, 0 ER) shows a little of the heart he'd been missing. From Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times (reg.):

As it was, Park, who gave up one unearned run in five innings, caused a serious commotion on his way out of the ballpark. Met by a mob of Korean fans outside of the Dodgers' clubhouse, Park insisted on signing the baseballs and photographs they held over the heads of the security guards. That led to a heated discussion with baseball and Dodgers officials, who wanted him to get on the team bus.

"They came from Korea to get an autograph," Park said. "I'm going to take a taxi back to the hotel."

Park was eventually convinced to tell the fans that he would sign for them on Sunday. He boarded the bus without further incident.

(Thanks to Jon Weisman for the links.)

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers