Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coliseum Exhibition Game Promises Moon, Stars

A week-long celebration surrounding the Dodgers' exhibition game against the Red Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum is highlighting a number of famous Dodger legends, including Wally Moon, Duke Snider, and Don Newcombe, among others. Moon, for one, is especially stoked:

And Moon, the left-handed hitter who became a celebrity in a tinsel town of celebrities for his knack of turning the Coliseum's cozy left-field porch into an opposite-field ally, may even take a crack at launching another of his signature Moon Shots.

"Some lady with the Dodgers called to ask what size I wear now, so I guess they're gonna get me a uniform," Moon said. "I don't mind taking a shot at it. ... I just wouldn't run around the bases after I hit it."

Moon is 77. He is a baby among the Coliseum-era Dodgers who will be the centerpieces of a remarkable weekend-long celebration organized by the club, which informally kicked off Monday with a series of conference calls with these resonant echoes out of the past.

The full list of Dodger legends can be found at the link above. This game is turning out to be quite the event--charity fundraiser, defending World Champion involved, and possible attendance record...what an evening!


Orel said...

Nice title!

Eric Karros said...

Not bad but next time try working the Cipher Zone Principle into the title as well