Monday, March 10, 2008

We Think Stupid Things So You Don't Have To

A peek inside the SoSG writers' room.

We've been talking about mockery lately, but really, no one beats Dodger Blues for withering sarcasm. Witness DB's latest "Asshole of the Week":

> 3.6.08 - Ned Colletti
"What are the odds of having two third basemen go down in 15 minutes," asked Ned Colletti after the Dodgers lost Andy LaRoche and Nomar Garciaparra on Friday. Well I'm not a mathmetician, Ned, but I'm pretty sure the odds are the same as any two guys going down in 15 minutes. LaRoche and Nomar. Kemp and Ethier. Loney and your mom. Same odds.

Which led to this exchange:

SoSG Orel: a-hole of the moment--is this right?

SoSG Sax: is what right, i don't get it

SoSG Orel: Are the odds of having two 3B go down in 15 minutes the same as the odds of two players at any position going down? I don't think so.

SoSG Sax: technically he's not right as the two 3bs cannot be playing at the same time (by definition; unless one is subbing at another position for some strange reason). so in theory, a centerfielder and a catcher could go out on the same play, but two 3bs cannot go out on the same play. Right?

SoSG Orel: I was looking at it this way: Let's say you have 40 players at camp. Pick any two at random. Aren't you more likely to pick two non-3B (or one 3B and one non-3B) rather than two 3B? Which was Ned's original point.

SoSG Sax: Well I'm not a mathematician, Orel...

art from Luke Chueh's "Twenty Monkeys with Hats (And One Squid)"


StolenMonkey86 said...

I am a mathematician, but you can figure this out without math.

1) What are the odds that Nomar will go down with an injury? let's face it, we knew that was coming

So then, it's just what are the odds that LaRoche will be injured. Now, to be injured within 15 minutes would only give LaRoche a small window of time to get hurt, and that has very low odds. But in any event, this only confirms that I hate the Betemit for Proctor deal.