Thursday, March 27, 2008

LA Times Calls Out Dodger Blue Heaven Thoughts

Today's LA Times' Calendarlive section has an article called "50 Ways to Love Your Dodgers," which includes this advice:


As a guy who, at age 10, "wanted to be Vin Scully" when he grew up, native Angeleno Jon Weisman has been synthesizing media reports, analyzing between-the-lines drama and occasionally venting on his Dodger Thoughts blog since 2002. If you're looking for online snark, move on; Weisman and his readers merely exude true-blue passion.


Not recommended for the true-blue fan, or anyone averse to blue language, the decidedly R-rated Dodger Blues website throws darts at players, management, ownership, even history. Like the clock that records "Time Since the Last Meaningful Dodger Moment" (going on 20 years). The franchise's lowlights are "celebrated" with an acidity usually reserved for divorce proceedings. Bitter? Yes. Funny? That too.


Ernest Reyes, on his extreme-fan-tastic website Blue Heaven, links to countless player and fan blogs, dispenses obscure trivia, posts hard-to-find video and hawks collectibles. Oh, and he does real estate too.

Congrats to Ernest, Jon and Anonymous DB Guy. Nice mention!


Damon said...

no love for sosg or true blue la??

Orel said...

Can you believe it? Bastards.