Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Sox Fight the Power

From "Red Sox vote not to play final spring game or board plane for Japan" at

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Boston Red Sox refused to take the field for their final spring training game in Florida on Wednesday and threatened to boycott their flight to Japan for their season openers unless their coaches and other staff are paid for the trip.

Fans filled the stadium, the national anthems were sung and the Boston and Toronto Blue Jays lineups were announced, but the game did not begin at its 12:07 p.m. scheduled start.

Baseball spokesman Rich Levin said the sport's lawyers were dealing with the situation.

"We're trying to work it out," he said.

Mike Lowell told The Boston Globe the team voted unanimously not to take the field for their final spring game or to board the plane later Wednesday for Japan.

Manager Terry Francona and his players were upset after learning staff members are not going to get a $40,000 stipend. The Boston Herald reported players insisted part of their agreement to make the trip included the fee -- for them and the coaches.

I'm no Red Sox fan, but this is cool. Eagerly awaiting the inevitable fallout.


Red Sox, MLB resolve dispute over coaches' pay after team takes stand (


Steve Sax said...

I think the Dodgers should take a stand not to play the Red Sox unless they take Juan Pierre off our hands.

Orel said...

Dave Roberts, J.D. Drew, Juan Pierre: ex-Dodger outfield of dreams?

StolenMonkey86 said...

Hey, get all the players to protest not getting paid to go to Japan and maybe the team will get the message.

Once again, a lesson from Maury Wills.

Steve Sax said...

I also heard that Jason Varitek took a box of Earl Grey tea and threw it into the harbor.