Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/12 Postgame Thoughts: Tomko Sharp As Dodgers Down Orioles

Box score: Dodgers 4, Orioles 2

Brett Tomko had three great innings pitched yesterday, giving up one run and one hit. His ERA in spring training is 1.29, which is ironically exactly 1/10th the size of Brad Penny's spring training ERA of 12.86. After both of Penny's outings, everyone from Penny to Grady Little says they are unconcerned, but after his second-half meltdown last year, I think "unconcerned" reflects some denial. True, spring training statistics are ridiculous, but this doesn't augur well.

I'll stay positive, though, and say that it is nice to see Tomko looking like he is regaining his form. Last year, Tomko said all the right things when he was asked to come out of the bullpen, despite the fact that he got a lot of garbage time in the second half. He is certainly making his case to start again in 2007.

Joe Mays also pitched well with three innings of one-hit ball on his own. He also had two Ks and has a 2.57 ERA in spring training. Jon Weisman says it's still problematic for Mays to make the roster since it would trigger a number of moves, including dropping Mark Hendrickson from the team. I don't necessarily think this is such a bad idea, but I understand the logic.

With the bats, Andy La Roche went 2 for 4 with a double and his first RBI of the spring. Juan Pierre went 1 for 3 with a RBI.