Tuesday, March 27, 2007


From Ken Gurnick at Dodgers.com:

Listen to the legend: Brett Tomko, named the fifth starter after his worst start of the spring, said Tuesday's was his best.

Amazing what a conversation with Sandy Koufax can do.

"He came over during my bullpen session and saw that I was talking with Derek [Lowe] about my delivery and he said, 'I hope you don't mind,' and he made a suggestion about my rhythm and how he used to do it," said Tomko. "When a Hall of Famer does that, you don't tell him no. If you don't listen to him and soak up everything he says like a sponge, you're a moron."

If it were only that easy. "Sandy, would you mind standing in this room with the entire pitching staff? Just emanate."

Also, Gurnick reports that catchers Sandy Martinez and Kelly Stinnett, pitcher Joe Mays and reliever Tim Hamulack are all expected to start the season in Triple-A Las Vegas.