Friday, March 30, 2007

Well, That Solves The Leadoff Hitter Question

Rafael Furcal isn't ready to go for Opening Day, according to the Register of OC.

LOS ANGELES--It appears the Dodgers and Rafael Furcal are content to start the season with the shortstop resting his injured ankle.

Furcal suffered a sprain during a game last week, but there was a thought he could be ready for opening day. Instead, with the ankle still tender, it looks like the Dodgers will play the situation conservatively.

"It's very disappointing for me because it would be my first time not starting on opening day," Furcal said. "But that's fine. I would be supporting my team."

The Dodgers have until Saturday night to make final roster decisions, giving Furcal another two days to receive treatment. It's unlikely, however, that he'll be sufficiently healed to start Monday at Milwaukee.

So Juan Pierre bats leadoff for us after all (at least in game 1), the scenario all the Pierre-haters have been dreading since his deal was signed. Guess they're lucky it's an away game, or Dodger Stadium would have to frisk at the turnstiles for tomatoes.