Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dodgers Lose Last Meaningless Game; All Set to Start Losing Meaningful Games

LA Angels 4, LA Dodgers 2

We knocked Wilson Betemit for being a defensive black hole at third base, but he's made some pretty impressive picks recently, including a diving stop in tonight's game. Here's hoping he keeps up the solid defense.


mike said...

Kemp was named to the 25 man roster. Bigbie will go to AAA or look for another team.

Anonymous said...

I'm beside myself. Why isn't James Loney on this team? I'm torn. Nomar is a great player and I want for him to do well... but I really like James Loney and hope to one day see him playing first base for the Dodgers on a reqular basis. I truly hope that Loney keeps a positive attitude and doesn't let this get to him. We don't want him to feel left out, but yet he is. This is just nuts...

Here's the perma-link for Tony Jackson's blog item:

Roster shocker: Kemp makes team, Bigbie doesn't