Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dodgers Already in First Place

From "Dodgers' ticket-price increase leads majors" by Bill Shaikin and Eric Sondheimer at the L.A. Times:

The Dodgers' average ticket price increased 26.9% from last season, the largest such jump in the major leagues, according to an annual study conducted by Chicago-based Team Marketing Report.

The average ticket price, excluding premium seating, rose from $20.09 to $26.28, according to the report. The major league average this season is $22.29.

The Boston Red Sox had the highest average at $47.71, followed by the Chicago Cubs at $34.30 and the New York Yankees at $29.01.

What, did you think Juan Pierre's contract was going to pay itself? Just imagine what this does to that oft-cited "average family" that buys four tickets, four hot dogs, four Cokes, four programs and four souvenir caps every time they go to the park.

For me, a $5 parking hike plus a $6 increase in average ticket price makes going to Dodger Stadium more like a visit to Disneyland and less like a trip to the park.


Anonymous said...

"$5 parking hike, $6 ticket price hike" --- Ironically at my first Dodger game ever (mid-to-late 80s-ish) my Dad paid $5 to park and $6 per ticket.

Orel said...

I wonder how much a Dodger Dog cost then.