Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Self-Referential Post

You know, we here at SoSG have gotten hat tips, and even the occasional fist pound (brother!). But I think this is our first recorded "chest bump."

Clearly, Larry Brown doesn't know us very well, as if anyone actually chest bumped us, it would send us flying through the room in the other direction. Still, we're appreciative. Thanks!

We are still waiting for our eye wink, closed-fist-to-jaw-in-slow-motion, and nipple twist.


Larry Brown said...

You must forgive me...I thought Pedro Guerrero could withstand a chest bump from a scrawny dude like myself...but that was a great line about Nomar and Gonzo, so I had to use it...and attribute it to you...keep up the good work, love your stuff guys

Orel said...

Thanks, Larry!

Lasorda said...

Shake & Bake!