Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rhine-Lame : A Foot in Mouth Tale

The Beatles had their "We're bigger Than Jesus." Oasis proclaimed they were bigger than the Beatles (and through the transitive property...) But the NY Giants coach/hernia Tom Coughlin might have upped the stakes for analogies. From NEWSDAY

Giants coach Tom Coughlin won't be disciplined and his job is not in jeopardy after he was quoted saying he is almost as hated as Adolf Hitler.

The Giants had no official comment Thursday after the Daily News quoted Coughlin saying this, in response to a question about the battering he received in the New York and national media near the end of last season: "I hear some of it and I see it. You know [vice president of communications Pat] Hanlon tells me about it, what's going on. Hitler and then me, in that order. Unfortunate, but it is."

Not sure I agree with that order. I'll admit it - I am a huge NY Giants fan. So Choke-lin still being my coach does to my happiness what the Germans did to Poland. I know Hitler, and you Mr. Coughlin, are no Hitler.

Some people actually respected Hitler.